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Interstate Freight

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Interstate Freight

At Dassam, we acknowledge that each of our clients have unique needs, and hence we cater to a wide variety of service requests. We have depots in VICTORIA, NSW, QLD AND WA as well. Our inter-state transport fleet consists of advanced, robust equipment to support various kinds of transport needs. With this high-tech fleet, we take pride in bringing resources closer to where they belong. This includes pharmaceuticals, food, perishable goods, medicinal items, and several other items. We also understand that some inter-state transfer can be urgent and time-sensitive, and we have sound systems in place to ensure that we can deliver on these requests. No matter where in Australia it is, we can help you with your freight delivery needs.

When you entrust us with the responsibility of your items, you can be rest assured that you will receive safe, reliable, and cost-effective package delivery that is also time efficient. We truly believe that businesses in and outside of South Australia benefit greatly from our premium services. If you are looking to organize movement of any type of goods, our team will ensure that they help you with a solution best suited to your needs and budget. Whether you are keen to move just a few small parts, or an entire warehouse worth of goods, Dassam has tailored solutions for you.

As a business, it is extremely crucial to deliver products to customers on time, and in perfect condition- we understand this and take great care in ensuring that your products reach their destination through our efficient logistics and transport services. Contact us today to learn how we can best support your business- small or large.


If you are looking for a logistics option that you did not see on the website, contact our friendly staff to customise one for you.

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