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Safety is our priority

Safety First

For the Dasam management, safety comes first. Safety of our staff, our clients’ goods, and of every component of the business.

We continue to take all the necessary measures to create a sound working environment that allows us our staff to feel safe while working, and our clients to be comfortable in doing business with us. Besides meeting all safety and quality requirements through accreditations, we conduct regular audits to pick up on any scope for improvement. We are also keeping our business updated with any recent developments in auditing and safety checks which ensures that we are always one step ahead when it comes to making sure that we deliver the best to you.

While onboarding new warehouse staff, drivers, or any other team members- an extensive training session is held to induct them into Dasam’s workflow. The initial recruitment is followed by drivers’ assessments, background checks, verification of all checks and registrations, and theoretical assessments.

For our current drivers, we conduct regular sessions of training and toll box meetings to keep them abreast with any changes in accreditation requirements, new regulations, and company policies so that they remain familiar with any changes relating to their ability to efficiently carry out their duties. This also covers wellbeing and safety workshops for our drivers, including regular incentives to take care of themselves.

All our records are extremely well maintained for any external audits and compliance checks, and we have a 100% track record of meeting all our accreditation requirements. Our mechanical department is supported by a well-connected network of manufacturers, safety experts, and equipment handlers which gives us the added benefit of an all-round safety net.

Some of our safety elements include:


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