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As the world of technology continues to see an accelerated expansion into every sector, Dasam’s team of tech experts have formulated some remarkable solutions to give your business the boost it needs.

Working closely with your staff, we will develop customised service options that meet all your technology related requirements with flexibility, reliability, and speed. Right from warehouse floors and distribution centres to doorsteps, our services will favourably give you and edge over your competition.

Over the years, we have built a solid team that is experienced in transporting:

Adding to our experience is our specialised machinery and infrastructure that further assures you of reliable delivery for technology products in the IT, communications, pharmaceutical and medical sectors. With our well-established delivery networks, we can handle varying volumes of goods that will reach their destination in the perfect condition.

If a transfer requires any specialised vehicles, equipment or delivery method, our team will create the most optimised option for your technology related logistic requirement. You also don’t have to worry about any fragile items since Dasam’s staff has all the packing know-how and resources required to handle these goods.

All paperwork is tracked and recorded electronically to guarantee 100% documentation record keeping

Our various distribution centres and networks can also collaboratively coordinate delivery of any delicate equipment for larger events, performances, or trade shows. Moreover, if there are any hazardous parts such as lithium batteries, we have strategies in place to successfully transport these goods.


If you are looking for a logistics option that you did not see on the website, contact our friendly staff to customise one for you.

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